Saturday, January 31

My first painting

What I´ll do during my 8 months of treatment..... that´s nice...

Monday, January 19

2009 First Post

A lot of things can change our life. A special one changed ours, and it was not the crisis. I really believe that a big thing happen to change the way where we were going, just to show us that the chosen path was not the best one. No matter how big it is, we can support everything!!!!

We are back in Brazil, and I was thinking about to close this blog and open a new one, but I haven´t decided yet what to do....

Now we are living in the south of Brazil, in a amazing place called Curitiba where we can have a good life, with a good wheather (not so hot), good food, good entertainment, good shopping, good restaurants and the most important thing good friends and closer to our relatives. A place where it is not so dangerous like the most big cities in Brazil.
We did't have time to visit all places that we used to go, but let´s give time to time...

From now on I ´ll post some pictures from Curitiba, not our hometown, but the city which we love, that I could say, our hometown.