Monday, October 17

Global Warming

photos by Luciana

It´s called Flor de Maio / Flower of May. The flowering should take place on May. It´s October  and more flowers are coming.

Sunday, October 16

Modern Life and Comedy

I´m getting old. Mentally old.

In the last months, here in Brazil, TV News has shown one of our problems in the big cities, the damage like crack cocaine and others heavy drugs has caused in the population. Changing the TV channel, I watch stand up comedy making a drug apology. Yes, during 30 minutes, jokes go around this subject. What? I asked myself. Is this funny? Maybe, because I´m not IN causing me no laughs.

In other hand, we know the damage that drugs have caused and I ask myself how can we teach or guide our children if they have been so exposed in a world where drugs are treated like a ordinary thing. So, there is no point in some advertisements are made against drugs if TV shows a different path. This could be a waste of time?

(photo - internet)