Monday, November 24

Christmas' fair

Last Saturday we went to a Christmas' fair, close to Eskilstuna. The trip should be done in 30 minutes and we did it in 1 hour.... so lost we were.
I bought this thing to put between the pan and the cover.... Sorry, I don't know the word even in Portuguese.....

It is a moose, typical animal from Sweden.

Isn't it so cute... graceful!!! I love to find something different!!!!

We also bought some cockies.... Take a look!!

Sunday, November 23

Favelas in Rio de Janeiro

Being a Brazilian I have to say: I'm ashame about another foreign had died in Rio de Janeiro, but like a Brazilian, I think I have sufficient knowledge about this subject, and I can say with all words.
If you don't know where are you going in Rio, be careful, specially if you don't have a local resident with you. Don't trust anybody and take the right cab. Even being a Brazilian I think 10 times before going there.
Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful city but drugs' problems and bad polititians are making the city hell.

I'm really angry when I read in international magazines about foreign people visiting the favelas. Well, if you would like to visit or if you've already visited it, you are contributing with all of these. When people visit there, anything wrong happens, of course but, you pay, you give money to this, you are supporting... I can't understand why people like to see this kind of situation!!!! Go to many other beautiful places in Rio, to Iguazu Falls, to Curitiba and the north/northeast of Brazil, but favelas????? Come on !!! Is Funk nice? Are you sure? Sometimes here in Sweden, I hear this kind of music, and to me it is disgusting, specially if you understand what they are saying in the "lyrics".

There are good people living in favelas and the only reason they live there is because they don't have another alternative in life, so poor they are.

I've been living in Sweden for almost 2 years. What WE love here is the physical feeling, mental perception about peace, security, although anybody is not completely safe anywhere nowadays. Well, we have to include the respect for each other (what unfortunately I don't see it too much in Brazil).

Saturday, November 22

I'm napkins addict....

I simply love all of them and I always buy a new one, I can't resist!!!! And you, what kind of addiction do you have?

Friday, November 21

Did you know the gender of your baby ?

We have to Swedes friends that had babies this week. Weeks ago I asked them if it was a boy or a girl and they didn't know.

So my Brazilian friends, you can survive 9 months without knowing the gender of your baby. But I ask myself: If we have the technology for doing that, why don't we do it? If you know the answer, please tell me, because my friends didn't convinced me with their explanations.

If you ask a pregnant woman in Brazil if she will have a boy or a girl, she will know the answer maybe in the forth month.

I'm not judging what is better, just saying, different cultures.

Wednesday, November 19

Take your shoes off, please!

Like oriental costumes, Swedes take their shoes off when arrive home.

That is funny! When we have some Brazilian guests and those who don't know about this Swedish habit, get into panic... might you image why.... hole in the socks .... Funny, but only if you are in the other side looking to their faces... After that, you say don't worry if you have a small or a big hole in your socks, nobody cares and this is the way that works here... Some of them hesitate to do, and then you need to encorage saying, It's because we don't have anybody to help us with the house, like in Brazil, where we have our (blessed) housekeepers, so please make my life easier! After that, they can't say no....

What I learned with Swedes: when you visit someone, try to use black socks... they won't be shame if anything is wrong with the floor.

Monday, November 17

Brazilian Rice

When our friends come to visit us and try the Brazilian rice, they immediately love it! The difference is because we spice the rice. As our Swedish teacher asked me how to prepare the Brazilian rice, I would like to share the recept with you.
Easy, no secrets.

¤ 1/4 onion sliced
¤ If you want you can use a small clove of garlic (sliced or squashed)
¤ Salt
¤ For 1 cup of rice, 2 cups of water
¤ Olive Oil

¤¤ Fry the onion (and the garlic) in olive oil until they get soft
¤¤ Include the rice and the salt
¤¤ Fry for 15 seconds mixing the rice
¤¤ Include the water and cover the pan
¤¤ Cook in a lower fire mixing 1 or 2 times until it be - almost - dry. Leave it for 15 minutes before to serve up a meal.

Enjoy it!

Saturday, November 15

Making an appointment to wash clothes

That's how it's works here in Sweden. I don't know if in your country is the same, but in Brazil buildings don't have a communitarian laudry.
Here, they are usually in the basement, and every laundry has a papper or a padlock that you set the chosen free day.

I have my own laudry inside my bathroom, what makes my life easier. It is more commom to have your own laundry if you live in a house.

Thursday, November 13


How nice is to have a good friend. Today is my best friend's birthday. We are friends for almost 25 years. Last April I went to America to visit her. The last time we met each other it was 10 years ago... Efter that, we didn't have chance to meet again.
Efter all these years we still maintain a conversation, I mean, we have a lot of things in common, we can stay hours and hours on the phone and we still have a good subject to talk and more, we exchange emails at least 3 times a week.
Our conversation on the phone is not less than 2 hours, and she always has the ultimate product for our curly hair.
Happy Birthday Dri!!!


Sausage in Sweden is called Korv. Here, you can find a lot of kinds of them, and comparing with Brazilias' sausages, they don't have that much grease. Our friends that have already lived in Brazil prefer ours, but I don't believe they are right.
The most popular is Falukorv and Prinskorv. The last one is common during Christmas.
Even our Feijoada with Swedish ingredientes is so good and tasteful like the original one.
There is so many diversity and tastes...
Pictures from internet

Monday, November 10

Drizzle Rain

It's raining today, and as I love to see the rain through the window, I went to the balcony and then I saw a mother walking with her baby.
That makes me think about my excuses to do not practice outdoor exercises (excluding summer) it´s because it blows too much or simply because it´s raining (or almost).
Mothers here put their babies in the baby byggy and go for a walk, 1 or 2 hours every day, and this makes them go back to a good shape quickly.
That´s increadible for us (Brazilians) that learned to do not go out without an umbrella, or even have this good mood to do such activity outdoors when the weather is not so good. That´s because there is no excuse to go out here, otherwise they will get stuck home most time of the year.
Kids are sheltered from the rain and let´s go for a walk.

Saturday, November 8

Christmas' Decoration

Christimas's ornaments are arriving in the stores, and if you want to prepared the house for the date, you must have too much money. Decoration includes since a simple Santa Claus until furniture or curtains. Yes, they inspire you to do this, and since everything is really beautiful, you don't resist and the damage is done.
Maybe you are asking yourself about changing curtains. Yes, they also do that. Maybe this is the only thing I'll never waste my money. Too much work for so short period.
One tip, the windows' decoration will be much more beautiful this year.

Wednesday, November 5

Crayfish or Kräftor

It is common in Sweden to eat Crayfish, and the dish includes his head and "legs". - By the way, I don't think we eat Crayfish in Brazil. The Swedes like so much Crayfish that they even make a party to eat them and August is the Crayfish Month. Special napkins and birthday hats with Crayfish drawing are used. Here is, what we ate, and the recept is so simple, just cook them until be red and then you must include beer, little sugar, salt and dill.

Monday, November 3

Brazilian Singer

Some weeks ago, a friend of mine told me about a Brazilian singer called Céu. He told me that her voice and the melody are nice, and according to him, she is a sucess in the UK. I said I´ve never heard about her. When I got home, I went to wikipedia and then youtube to know who is she!!! How is it possible, a Swede talking to me about a Brazilian singer? What a shame! (My excuse is because she got famous first in Europe).
I asked my friends in Brazil about her. Nobody knows... (ok, most of them are not interested in this kind of music), but even in Fnac site, I could not find her CD at the first moment, however, after 2 weeks, there it was......

But it is easy to find it in iTunes Store.

If you liked and want to listen more, I recommend the following songs: Bobagem, Malemolência, Mais um Lamento and Samba na Sola (this one is the best for me).

And her sucess is not only in UK.......Enjoy it!!!


Sunday, November 2

Worried about fat food?

From 8% to 40% fat content, that is your choice and you can´t image how easier they make your life in the kitchen.