Friday, October 15


I'm on vacation, after 2 exaustive years. The last year was really nice, inspite of the concern about the contruction. It was so perfect that people won't believe when I mention I did have so many problems with the contruction - only the money.

I'm in my hometown now. I did such good things I used to do when I was a teenager. There is a good place here where we can find a lot of stuff for beauty - specially hair, in fact. I used to go there a lot and this time I could remember something from that decade.

In the 80's, I used to get some ice cream every evening. My parents and I used to walk 3 blocks from our house to spend time in the ice cream store - the best ice cream in town. Good memories.... Today I went there with my husband and I could share with him my memories.

Time changes, so does the city but the flavor of the ice cream is still the same.....