Saturday, September 11

Adults Bullying

I´ve heard a lot about bullying in newspapers, talk shows, magazines .... It´s common we hear how this subject can affect children, but until now I could not find the subject bullying among adults and how it´s should be tackled.

People don´t agree with our ideas or they are or think a little differente from us, we immediatelly refuse them. It´s difficult for humans accept different ideas and habits. Sometimes they are exactly what we would like to be.

How could us, adults, teach childreen that exclude other kids it´s not right if we usually do this ?? Changes must begin from us, adults.

We can find a lot of bullying in workplace, can´t we? (That´s what I´ve heard )Sometimes, the permission is called competition. Sometimes it´s only power. And how can this impact employee performance?

I agree we can not be 100% nice or adorable everybody, but respect is one thing that everybody wants or deserve. Let´s stop being hypocrites and get the changes for ourselves.

------- Could the moral harassment be Adults Bullying ??