Thursday, October 30

Cooking Swedish Dishes

One of the best things that I have learned in Sweden is cooking (I´m much better cooking Swedish dishes than speaking Swedish).
Well, I didn't use to cook in Brazil, so many facilities that makes me lazy, but here, at the first moment I could not afford going to restaurants so many times like in Brazil, and of course the pepper used here is too much for me.
So, I started cooking Brazilian dishes at the first moment, and more and more I became interested to learn how to cook and then I bought some of Swedish books for cooking and since then, I´ve been cooking some of recepts.

What is really interesting in Swedish dishes:
1. The recept is basicaly easy.
2. They love fett food.

And this is my first book that a friend gave to me, and there are really good recepts. Would you like to try? Kanelbullar, is one of the best for coffee break.

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Dani Konda said...

OI Lu! Achei legal q vc está aprendendo "receitinhas" suecas! Se tiver alguma bem legal me manda q nós iremos experimentar! Bjos Dani