Saturday, September 11

Adults Bullying

I´ve heard a lot about bullying in newspapers, talk shows, magazines .... It´s common we hear how this subject can affect children, but until now I could not find the subject bullying among adults and how it´s should be tackled.

People don´t agree with our ideas or they are or think a little differente from us, we immediatelly refuse them. It´s difficult for humans accept different ideas and habits. Sometimes they are exactly what we would like to be.

How could us, adults, teach childreen that exclude other kids it´s not right if we usually do this ?? Changes must begin from us, adults.

We can find a lot of bullying in workplace, can´t we? (That´s what I´ve heard )Sometimes, the permission is called competition. Sometimes it´s only power. And how can this impact employee performance?

I agree we can not be 100% nice or adorable everybody, but respect is one thing that everybody wants or deserve. Let´s stop being hypocrites and get the changes for ourselves.

------- Could the moral harassment be Adults Bullying ??


Anonymous said...

Agree :- 100%

Deia Godoy said...

Ha Lu ...escreve em português tb...
Vc sabe sou sua fã literária e de vida !
Bjks da Déia

Bokmania / Ivana Eklund said...

Hej Luciana,
det är jätteroligt att huset är färdigt snart och att ni ska flytta. Vi mår bra. Kan du mejla mig så jag får din mejladress? Jag vill skriva mer till dig men inte ute på internet.

Mejla på: bokmania[at]

Diva said...

I believe there are adult bullies, and it's a shame. Sometimes people don't learn the lessons they need to build healthy relationships