Thursday, January 19

New Year ..... New Home

We moved again on January 9th. We have had 7 moves in  8 years. - What was the reason now ? The  house we were living was sold , but the good news was that I had time to look for a good place to live now.
It´s not a big one but it´s nice, comfortable and really cute. Don´t you think?

As we moved from a big place to smaller one, things had to be rearranged.
I realized I have too much furniture and things for decoration and it bothers me now. I also found out I have too much unnecessary things.  One of the guest room turned into a big storage room. Should I throw them away? I´m almost sure they ´ll be there wainting for the next moving van, and I bet it´s coming soon.... and of course I ´ll find a good place for all those stuff !!!
These are the places we lived....  In the sequence: Arujá - Jan 2011 , Curitiba (I built this house) Sept 2010, Curitiba again - May 2006 and Jan 2009, Eskilstuna - Sweden (picture from Google) Feb 2007, Curitiba (where everything began) Sept 2003.

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Anonymous said...

Vou chamar você na minha próxima mudança.... Célia