Sunday, November 23

Favelas in Rio de Janeiro

Being a Brazilian I have to say: I'm ashame about another foreign had died in Rio de Janeiro, but like a Brazilian, I think I have sufficient knowledge about this subject, and I can say with all words.
If you don't know where are you going in Rio, be careful, specially if you don't have a local resident with you. Don't trust anybody and take the right cab. Even being a Brazilian I think 10 times before going there.
Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful city but drugs' problems and bad polititians are making the city hell.

I'm really angry when I read in international magazines about foreign people visiting the favelas. Well, if you would like to visit or if you've already visited it, you are contributing with all of these. When people visit there, anything wrong happens, of course but, you pay, you give money to this, you are supporting... I can't understand why people like to see this kind of situation!!!! Go to many other beautiful places in Rio, to Iguazu Falls, to Curitiba and the north/northeast of Brazil, but favelas????? Come on !!! Is Funk nice? Are you sure? Sometimes here in Sweden, I hear this kind of music, and to me it is disgusting, specially if you understand what they are saying in the "lyrics".

There are good people living in favelas and the only reason they live there is because they don't have another alternative in life, so poor they are.

I've been living in Sweden for almost 2 years. What WE love here is the physical feeling, mental perception about peace, security, although anybody is not completely safe anywhere nowadays. Well, we have to include the respect for each other (what unfortunately I don't see it too much in Brazil).

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