Wednesday, November 19

Take your shoes off, please!

Like oriental costumes, Swedes take their shoes off when arrive home.

That is funny! When we have some Brazilian guests and those who don't know about this Swedish habit, get into panic... might you image why.... hole in the socks .... Funny, but only if you are in the other side looking to their faces... After that, you say don't worry if you have a small or a big hole in your socks, nobody cares and this is the way that works here... Some of them hesitate to do, and then you need to encorage saying, It's because we don't have anybody to help us with the house, like in Brazil, where we have our (blessed) housekeepers, so please make my life easier! After that, they can't say no....

What I learned with Swedes: when you visit someone, try to use black socks... they won't be shame if anything is wrong with the floor.


Andrea said...

Thanks for the blog comment :)

We take our shoes off in the front (lower level) entry. Not only does it save frequent mopping, but it keeps the street germs out. I can't count how many times I see saliva on the sidewalk. Ugh. I even have seen old men blow their nose on the sidewalk. That doesn't even require further descriptions other than blech!

I had a friend in Japan send some slippers from the 100 Yen store to offer people if their feet get cold.

Taking shoes off at the door is inconvenient, but has just become a way of life for us.

Grace Olsson said...

I agree with that. When we lived in Brasil we did the same and the friends accepted the condition. If they wanted to visit us...please...took their shoes out.

have a nice evening, Luciana

dddiva said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. :)
I am enjoying looking through your blog at how differently you live than we do in the US.
The book you are reading looks like one my daughters would enjoy.