Friday, November 21

Did you know the gender of your baby ?

We have to Swedes friends that had babies this week. Weeks ago I asked them if it was a boy or a girl and they didn't know.

So my Brazilian friends, you can survive 9 months without knowing the gender of your baby. But I ask myself: If we have the technology for doing that, why don't we do it? If you know the answer, please tell me, because my friends didn't convinced me with their explanations.

If you ask a pregnant woman in Brazil if she will have a boy or a girl, she will know the answer maybe in the forth month.

I'm not judging what is better, just saying, different cultures.


Megryansmom said...

Wow! Thanks for visiting! All the way from Sweden. In regards to your question, I did not know the sex of my babies, it was 24 and 21 years ago and with #1 I didn't even have an ultrasound. It wasn't an option. Back then I always asked the baby's heart rate, slow for a boy, faster for a girl and those were true in my case, but really only a guess.
If I had to make the decision now I think I would rather be surprised on delivery day. It's like unwrapping Christmas presents when you're little and then re-wrapping and having to wait to see them again.
Whew, that was lengthy.

Have a great weekend and come back, oh maybe Platey can head to Sweden, how wonderful. Hmm I wonder if it needs a passport?

Zen Ventures said...

my take on this is that some parents are traditional- meaning they'd rather wait for the day and be surprised. I on the other hand were practical about it. I went ahead at the 1st opportune time to find out.

Hoppin over here from SITS