Monday, November 3

Brazilian Singer

Some weeks ago, a friend of mine told me about a Brazilian singer called Céu. He told me that her voice and the melody are nice, and according to him, she is a sucess in the UK. I said I´ve never heard about her. When I got home, I went to wikipedia and then youtube to know who is she!!! How is it possible, a Swede talking to me about a Brazilian singer? What a shame! (My excuse is because she got famous first in Europe).
I asked my friends in Brazil about her. Nobody knows... (ok, most of them are not interested in this kind of music), but even in Fnac site, I could not find her CD at the first moment, however, after 2 weeks, there it was......

But it is easy to find it in iTunes Store.

If you liked and want to listen more, I recommend the following songs: Bobagem, Malemolência, Mais um Lamento and Samba na Sola (this one is the best for me).

And her sucess is not only in UK.......Enjoy it!!!


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Anonymous said...

Hello Lu!! Nossa, descobrindo novos famosos brasileiros por aí.. mas o sotaque dela é meio estranho né! Adorei a musica e tbém fui buscar infos dela! Pensei até que poderia ser português de Portugal.. bacanérrima e gostosa a música dela! Beijos